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"Relax, let us do the work!"
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Mirror Image Aquatics - 2822 J R Dr, Manvel, TX 77578 - 281-849-7665
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Mirror Image Aquatics strives to keep your pool beautiful and the water balanced. We will also work with you to make sure your facility is in compliance with all ADA laws along with state and city regulations. All of our Cleaning Techs go through a thorough training program and have to pass all their certification exams before they will be allowed to work on your pool. This will include a minimum of Water Chemistry Certified and (CPO) Certified Pool Operator certified. Our Techs are only working with the best digital test equipment on the market, so we will always have a full water lab with us and we get exact results. We offer once, twice and three times a week cleaning service.

Mirror Image Aquatics will be there on the agreed upon visits each week to clean the pool and balance the water. At the time of visit we do a visual inspection of all the equipment to catch any problems as quickly as possible to help keep down repair costs. We can also help with keeping your staff educated on proper procedures during the time we are not at your facility.  The manufactures  we work with offer full lines of commercial equipment, automation, and chemical control needs your facility may have.

Below is a list of what will be done weekly:

      1) Check water level and add water if needed
      2) Check water balance and add appropriate chemicals
      3) Empty skimmer and pump baskets
      4) Empty cleaner bags (if applicable)
      5) Skim all debris off surface of pool
      6) Brush walls and floor (as needed)
      7) Vacuum pool (as needed)
      8) Leaf Master (as needed)

Due to most pools being outside, we are in a never ending battle with mother nature. So our goal is to leave with your pool looking 95% better then it was when we arrived. Our Cleaning Techs also keep your log books current for their visits. We will also keep our own log book for our records. (Specialty chemicals, algaecides and removers will be charged for accordingly and are not included in the monthly fee).

Mirror Image Aquatics would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us for any of your pool needs. So give us a call or contact us, then all there is left to do is: "Relax, let us do the work"
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What experience do you have?
What certifications do you have?
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